Madita Pain
Madita Pain


S e s s i o n  p o s s i b l e  w i t h  a p p o i n t m e n t




I will put you under my spell. Entice you. Uncover your limits and celebrate this finding in a thrill of ecstasis.


Let yourself go, and allow yourself to be taken into my kingdom, then I'll show you how beautiful it is. How pain evolves to brilliant colors; bursting feelings turn to imagery.

How the agony of oppression can fulfill you.


Your desire becomes my key to your will.


For me there are many forms of dominance and devotion. The particular appeal of the game for a dominatrix involves the varying and challenging characters. Each guest and every session is different, new and exciting.


My natural dominance has always stood out. My Nordic roots that underscore my unreckonable nature will quickly arouse your interest. Despite my deep gaze into your eyes, you will not be able to anticipate what I feel for you or what I plan to do with you next, unless I so desire it.


Each individual gift of submission from each admirer fulfills and honors me immensely. Every game that begins on an eye level awakens the huntress in me. Utilizing my intellect and charm, I will stop at nothing until I obtain your voluntary capitulation. My goal is to control you and direct your devotion.


Sadism is the quintessence of a fulfilling life for me. Intelligence is just as important as natural beauty. The average and normal standard is so far away from my personal interests, it is the last thing I want to do. Intolerance has no place in my concept of BDSM. You are quite welcome to inform me about your fetishes and fantasies and if they coincide with my interests then we might very well experience them together.


Is pain a taboo? Even as a sadist I am quite capable of robbing your mind and senses solely with a sadistic tease and denial session.


My Preferences


My favorite way to express my power over you is through C++T. Training you with spa++ings, flagellation, spitting and humiliation to make you willing and submissive, sends me into an intoxicating state.



I practice passionately p++ging, taking you dirty and intensively with my strap on. As soon as you're ready for f++ting, it’ll be a great pleasure for me to shove my fist or fists into you.


Soft games such as Tease and Denial, Feminization, Smoking fetish or foot eroticism enable me to utilize my sensual skills to control you.


Appearances are deceptive. Even beginners are welcomed. I’ll lead you slowly and patiently into the world of BDSM.



My personal fetish is high-heels, with which I easily reach a height of 195cm.

Wearing latex is a very special enjoyment for me. But I also love the feel of nylon, lace and silk on my skin very much.



Intimate contact

You touching me




Needle / Cuttings

Overpowering games



Belong to me for a sweet bitter time

and experience how I handle my property,

in order to bring it absolutely under my control





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